Birmingham Alabama Wealth Management

McClellan Wealth Management is a premiere boutique wealth management firm in Birmingham Alabama that does one thing better than anybody else; We put our clients and their needs first. We understand that our clients come to us because they have a goal that they want to accomplish, and they trust us to help them reach that goal. To that end, we use our knowledge and technical expertise to help our customers in Birmingham achieve their ultimate financial goals. We believe that our compensation is secondary to the client goals.

There is a reason that people come to us or any other wealth management company. We are the financial planners. We are the experts that provide the advice and recommendations that help the client reach that bar that they’ve set for themselves. Whether the client wants to build their assets or they want to invest in retirement, it is up to us as financial advisers to help the client understand what they must do to reach those goals. Because of this ideal, we strive to put our best foot forward whenever we are trusted to help someone accomplish their goals.

Boutique Wealth Management Firm in Birmingham

McClellan Wealth Management is different from other wealth management firms in the Birmingham Alabama. We are different because we are a boutique wealth management and financial planning firm. We have a very specific suite of services that we off to our clients. Being a boutique, we specialize a bit more to deliver a higher quality product that you would get from a more general financial planning team. We pride ourselves on providing high quality tailored financial solutions for all of out clients and partners.

Other Financial Services We Offer

McClellan Wealth Management offers a tailored asset management solution to Birmingham Alabama. Our investment management process involves figuring out what is the best process to meet the financial goals of an investor. By using our knowledge and expertise to advise our clients, we work with them to determin the most appropriate plan to reach their goals through investment.

McClellan Wealth Management offers advisement on estates and trusts as well. We use an assessment of a client’s trust and estate to review their situation. From there we recommend trust options, insurance, and we even advise on and coordinate legal counsel.

When it comes to investment risks, we have developed unique risk management tools that help navigate our clients’ investments as we engage in an ongoing process of assessing risk to help maximize return and preserve wealth.

Our education planning services are an important part of the financial planning process. Tax Efficient Education Savings as well as 529 Planning are important tools that parents and grandparents can use to effectively save and plan for a child or grandchild’s education.

Retirement Planning is an integral part of financial planning, and the team here at McClellan works to provide the comprehensive plans to address retirement needs to all of our Birmingham clients. Saving for retirement is important . Doing it isn’t always as straight forward as putting away a dollar here and there though. Our team will work with you to help you identify your needs and figure out how much you need to enjoy your retirement.

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