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Wealth Management in Birmingham, AL

How do you plan for your financial future while enjoying the life you’re living today?

McClellan Wealth Management has the perfect solution: 

Let our firm do the planning for you.

Wealth management through McClellan is a full-spectrum service that considers the wide array of financial considerations and approaches them with the same careful, custom-tailored attention. 

Our Birmingham-Based Firm’s Approach to Wealth Management

McClellan Wealth Management’s approach to each individual starts with gaining a deep and thorough understanding of our client’s financial assets and what matters most to them.

Successful younger clients who are still growing their wealth and planning for their future have vastly different needs from those approaching retirement and looking to maximize what they have accumulated over the years. 

At our firm, 

we will consider every extenuating circumstance and personal detail carefully before we advise you on our best methods of growing your funds. Your future financial well-being depends on your financial plan and how well your current wealth is managed; McClellan Wealth Management understands this. 

We build wealth management plans designed to best benefit you, your family, and your future.

How Does Wealth Management Work?

Private Wealth Management Services

Sophisticated Financial Planning Solutions for Every Phase of Life

Our sophisticated solutions to wealth management are geared toward our forward-thinking clientele. Whether your need for financial advisement has come to light through a life-changing circumstance or simply a desire to feel more secure about tomorrow, McClellan Wealth Management can help.

We are equipped with deep industry knowledge and a focused commitment to doing right by each one of our clients, so you can trust that your money is in good hands. 

You might wonder how a dedicated, private wealth management advisor can make such an important difference in how confident you can live your life. Wealth management has many layers and nuances – making it a field that can be challenging to navigate on your own.

Work to ensure that you make the best choices by not only planning for your golden years. Enlist the help of a wealth management advisor like McClellan’s own Josh Slocum.

Investment Management Services

Giving You an Opportunity for Peace of Mind and an Even Brighter Future

Knowing that your money is well managed and your financial future brighter than ever, 

you will be free to enjoy the present, spend time the way you want to, and stop worrying over uncertainties. 

As life changes, McClellan Wealth Management is on hand to ensure you’re well taken care of.

Investment Management

When it comes to maximizing and securing your wealth, it’s crucial that you turn to an expert who knows the ins and outs of the industry. 

Financial Planning

It’s much easier to enjoy the day-to-day pleasures of life when you’re confident that the foundation of your future has been built on solid ground. That’s where financial planning from McClellan Wealth Management comes in. 


Estate & Trust Planning

We believe financial security is just as much about planning for your legacy as it is about working to build and potentially safeguard your wealth in the present. And it’s much more fulfilling to spend your post-retirement years enjoying life on your terms when you know that your financial assets will be handled with the care and respect that they deserve. 

What makes McClellan Wealth Management different from other Birmingham financial advisors?

The McClellan approach encompasses a deep passion to understand the individual, their financial assets and what matters most to that person. Every person is unique and has unique financial situations and goals. We take all considerations into account and approach them with a custom-tailored plan to give you what we believe is the best advice for helping grow and potentially securing your funds.

Whether you’re seeking advice after a life-changing circumstance or are just wanting to plan ahead for a more secure future, McClellan is here to help and listen. Our advisors hold a deep industry knowledge and a focused commitment on serving our clients. Your future largely depends on how well your current wealth is managed. McClellan understands this, and we are ready to get to work crafting a personalized plan for you.

What wealth management and financial planning services does McClellan offer Birmingham, AL residents?

McClellan Wealth Management is proud to offer investment management, financial planning and estate and trust planning in the Birmingham, AL area.  

McClellan Wealth Management has the experience and knowledge to advise you on stocks, fixed-income investments, mutual funds and more as part of our full-service investment management plan. We strive to put you in a stable financial position and help build confidence in your approach to investing. 

With financial planning, we set our eyes towards future goals by seeking to understand your financial situation now. We know sometimes managing your own finances can be difficult or challenging. You may not have the time or industry knowledge it takes to understand how to put your money to best use – that’s where McClellan Wealth Management can help. 

We believe building financial security for your legacy is just as important as building for the present. We’ll work together until you’re completely satisfied with the plan for your estate.  

What can McClellan Wealth Management do for you?

The professionals at McClellan Wealth Management can provide you with a tailored wealth management approach for your diverse and unique portfolio. We focus on:

  • Estate and Trust Planning: We will first examine your entire estate and make recommendations regarding the various options and recommend legal counsel, if necessary. 
  • Philanthropic Planning: Whether you make small, one-time donations or need help organizing larger charitable contributions, like a donor advised fund or foundation, our team can identify the possible options to help maximize your philanthropic giving. 
  • Executive Benefit Planning: We offer a comprehensive approach to financial, tax, estate and trust planning that can help benefit both employee and employer. Often, employee benefits make up a large portion of an executive’s wealth.  
  • Investment Management: Our professional and knowledgeable advisors can advise and recommend options for your investment portfolio.  
  • Tax Planning: Helping to minimize tax payments is a key part of a wealth management strategy. Our team will help design a plan to help potentially reduce your current and future tax implications.
  • Retirement Planning: Retirement is an important part of anyone’s life. We can work with you to identify lifelong needs, “what if” forecasting, portfolio stress testing and more. 
  • Risk Management: With our professional and talented team by your side, you can be a step ahead of the game with what we believe is a rock-solid financial risk management plan. 
  • Insurance Review: At McClellan, our team does not sell insurance, we simply advise on insurance needs. We will work with outside brokers to get the best quotes for policies you need. 
  • Educational Planning: Saving for the educational needs of children or grandchildren is an important part of the financial planning process. McClellan can help you find the tools to invest in an educational future. 
How does McClellan Wealth Management get paid for services?

Transparency is key at McClellan Wealth Management. When choosing a financial planner, you put your future and your family’s financial well-being on the line. You may want to consider whether the advisor is held to a fiduciary standard of care.

An investment advisor should act in your best interest. SEC-registered advisors are fee-based and should not charge commissions. These arrangements are typically more transparent and leave less room for conflict of interest.

Our relationships with our clients are all fiduciary in nature.

An advisor who is registered with a broker-dealer as an investment advisor representative generally works for commissions. This means they may have the incentive to make suggestions based on how much commission they may make. 

What are the benefits of a fiduciary financial advisor?

The main benefit of an investment advisor representative is that they are held to a fiduciary standard of care to act in their client’s best interest. 

Though registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission does not imply any level of skill or training, registered financial advisors are regulated, and advisors may be penalized for violating their standards or rules. (An advisor may only be registered in a particular state or not at all versus the SEC, but the same rules apply.)

Under the duty loyalty, an investment advisor must eliminate or fully disclose all conflicts of interest that might incline an investment advisor – consciously or unconsciously – to render advice that is not disinterested such that a client can provide informed consent to the conflict.

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