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Let’s plan for an even brighter, financially secure future.

Our Philosophy

Integrity, competence, and diligence. These three words make up the foundation of McClellan Wealth Management.


We put our client’s interests first by acting as fiduciaries. McClellan works to avoid conflicts of interest and feels it is our duty to educate clients as to why this is so important. Simply put, we are completely independent and objective in dealing with our clients.


Another way that McClellan Wealth Management is different is that we are always seeking more knowledge to better serve our clients. We only focus on the most credible educational sources, and will only employ professionals with either a CFP®, CFA or CPA as we believe these designations to be a base level of competency for the services we provide our clients.


“Leave no stone unturned” is a common saying at McClellan Wealth Management. Our wealth management process and investment strategies are designed so every need that our clients may have will be addressed. We will tirelessly research any topics that arise until we find the answer.

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Let’s plan for an even brighter, financially secure future.

McClellan Wealth Management | Birmingham, AL Wealth Manager

At McClellan Wealth Management, we do more than help you plan and grow your financial assets. We take into account your individual needs, your personal goals for your money, your family, and your future – and we work with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with every aspect of the services you receive.

If you have ever had an experience with a larger financial advisory firm that left you feeling more like a number than a person, then you’ll appreciate the McClellan difference right away.

Built on a Foundation of Knowledge & Principles

Before starting McClellan Wealth Management, Certified Financial Planner Josh Slocum worked for Merrill Lynch for almost nine years. There, he honed his skills and knowledge of the industry. His experience at Merrill Lynch fueled his next success at a small boutique financial planning firm in Birmingham. Josh learned everything he needed to know about launching his own private firm, and McClellan Wealth Management was born.

He founded the firm on the principles of integrity, competence, and diligence.

These qualities are at the heart of every client interaction. Not only does Josh adhere to his fiduciary obligation to act in his client’s best interest, but he is also genuinely invested in each client. It is important to Josh that he forge a personal connection with his clients to get a more comprehensive understanding of their needs.

As he listens to them talk about their families, finances, concerns, and goals for the future, he is simultaneously building lasting relationships rooted in mutual trust and respect. These bonds go much deeper than the impersonal business-focused model you’ll find at most financial advisory firms.

See the Difference for Yourself

It is our view that trusting your financial interests to McClellan Wealth Management is a smart choice. We hope it will bring you the help you want as you live in the present and plan for your future.

Contact us today and schedule a meeting with Josh to discuss your needs, goals, and specific financial considerations. You’ve got everything to gain.

Giving Back

At McClellan Wealth Management, we know how fortunate we have been over the years to have recevied guidance and help from many people along the way. That’s why we make it a point to give back to causes we feel are important. Here are some of the groups we are passionate about helping:

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