Why we are different

McClellan Wealth Management is designed to provide its clients the professional service they want and need. A firm that is dedicated to give personal attention to each client and build lasting relationships.  A firm with the knowledge and advanced technical support required to enable the client’s interest to be the highest priority. A firm, whereby, it’s compensation is secondary to the success of the client, unlike the traditional Wall Street model.


Integrity, competence, and diligence. These three words make up the foundation of McClellan Wealth Management.


We put our client’s interests first by acting as a fiduciary. Unlike many other firms that put the interests of its advisers or shareholders first, we at McClellan shun these conflicts of interest, and feel it is our duty to educate clients as to why this is so important. Simply put, we are completely independent and objective in dealing with our clients.


Another way that McClellan Wealth Management is different is that we are always seeking more knowledge to better serve our clients. We only focus on the most credible educational sources, and will only employ professionals with either a CFP™, CFA or CPA as we believe these designations to be a base level of competency for the services we provide our clients.


“Leave no stone unturned” is a common saying at McClellan Wealth Management. Our wealth management process and investment strategies are designed so that every need that our clients may have will be addressed. We will tirelessly research any topics that arise until we find the answer.

About Josh

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Toll Free: (866) 240-8188
E-mail: josh@mcclellanwealth.com

Prior to starting McClellan Wealth Management, Josh had the privileged opportunity to work for Merrill Lynch in the Birmingham office for almost nine years. After leaving Merrill he worked for a smaller boutique financial planning firm in Birmingham that was a great stepping-stone for launching his own independent practice. Josh resides in Birmingham with his wife and two sons where he is involved in the community doing philanthropic work for several charities. Josh is dedicated to constantly learning in his career, and values education greatly.

  • Graduate of the University of Alabama with a bachelors in Liberal Arts
  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®)

About Manda

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Toll Free: (866) 240-8188
E-mail: manda@mcclellanwealth.com

Manda Oconnell is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a Bachelors degree in Education. She resides is Chelsea with her teenage son and has a daughter attending Belmont University. Manda is involved in her community serving on school PTO boards, and her church (Morningstar UMC). She enjoys building relationships with clients, learning about the financial industry, being organized and serving others. Manda has a love for traveling to new places, exploring cities and great food.