McClellan Wealth Management

A Boutique Wealth Management Firm

A boutique financial planning and investment advisory firm that specializes in tailored wealth management solutions for a more sophisticated clientele.

Why we are different

McClellan Wealth Management is designed to provide its clients the professional service they want and need. A firm that is dedicated to give personal attention to each client and build lasting relationships.  A firm with the knowledge and advanced technical support required to enable the client’s interest to be the highest priority. A firm, whereby, it’s compensation is secondary to the success of the client, unlike the traditional Wall Street model.

Estate Planning & Trust

In our assessment of a client’s trust and estate, we will review and/or recommend revocable (living) or irrevocable trusts, life insurance trusts, gifting techniques, and if applicable, coordinate legal counsel.

Philanthropic Planning

Whether you are trying to give small donations to your favorite charities, or wanting to set up something more sophisticated like a donor advised fund or foundation, we can help. Our financial planners will help you identify the best way to maximize your philanthropic donations.

Executive Benefit Planning

Employer benefits represent a significant portion of corporate executives’ net worth and financial security. A comprehensive approach to financial, tax, and estate planning has many benefits for both the employer and employee.

Investment Management

Tax Minimization

Retirement Planning

Our team will work with you to identify lifetime capital needs. We can help with cash flow or “what if” forecasting, as well as Monte Carlo simulation and portfolio stress testing.

Risk Management

Insurance Review

One very distinct difference at McClellan Wealth Management is that we ``advise`` on many insurance needs but we do not ``sell`` insurance products. Instead, we will work with outside insurance brokers to get quotes for the corresponding policies you need.

Educational Planning

Our education planning services are an important part of the financial planning process. Tax Efficient Education Savings as well as 529 Planning are important tools that parents and grandparents can use to effectively save and plan for a child or grandchild’s education.

Risk assessment

Can you handle another bad market? It is important to understand your personal risk tolerance so they can be properly aligned with your portfolio and financial goals. We invite you to take our free risk assessment. This 5-minute exercise assigns a number to your risk tolerance and then compares how your current portfolio corresponds to this risk tolerance.

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